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Winter holiday club

Winter Holiday Club (HAF)

Join us for a magical Winter Wonderland experience at Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone and let’s make this season unforgettable, with our snow-stopping spectacular activities, festive cheer, and a Winter wonderland creation of every childhood dream. Our doors are open and the excitement is building as we invite children and young people from across the borough to join us for a Winter filled week with endless fun and fantastic experiences.

Imagine having access to our state-of-the-art facilities at Blackburn Youth Zone and Darwen Meeting Place. Get ready for a whirlwind, 4 day programme packed with thrilling activities that will make this the best one yet!

Be part of the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) program, a government-funded initiative designed to provide healthy meals and exciting activities to children and young people. If you’re eligible for free school meals, you can enjoy all the perks of the programme at no cost!

Every session is bursting with a wide range of activities to keep you entertained. From heart-pumping sports and captivating music sessions to unleashing your creativity through arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone. Want to show off your moves on the ice? Then join us for our Friday trip to Planet Ice on the 5th of January 2024. And the best part? You’ll have the chance to meet new friends, learn valuable skills, and have a blast every single day.

Parent/Carer Q&A's

The “Get Stuck In” programme is a fantastic opportunity for young people and we are sure every young person will have a time to remember. That said, we recognise that things will look different and be completely different for young people during their stay. You can help by preparing young people:

  • Talk to your child about what to expect – Our provision is an open access provision meaning young people are able to decide what areas/activities they would like to participate in, they can ask staff if they are unsure. 
  • Encourage your child to be independent at mealtimes – discuss any dietary needs with the team to ensure we are able to accomodate.
  • Ensure that your child is familiar and confident with asking to visit the toilet.
  • Encourage your child to take turns when speaking and listening.  
  • Encourage your child to listen and follow instructions.  
  • Have everything ready the night before.  
  • Ensure all your child’s clothes are clearly named. Check what extra clothing may be required for activities and please try to not let your child wear expensive clothing.
  • Keep us updated with any changes or if your child is unable to attend  due to other commitments or illness as their place can be offered to another child.
  • Please note we are a phone free zone – your child is coming to play games and learn new skills so they will not need their mobile phone. If they need to contact you they can do this at reception and if you need to contact them, this can be done by ringing reception on 01254 292000.

Lots of energy, big smiles and their listening skills to keep themselves and others safe! Children will not be required to bring anything from home – this includes mobile phones and electronic devices – if your child requires a mobile phone please ensure you have informed staff they have this on them. We have strict guidance on the use of mobile phones in session so that we can protect all young people in our care. Children are advised to wear/bring appropriate clothing for indoor and outdoor activities. We recommend footwear that is suitable for active and non-active games (e.g trainers). Weather permitting, we will be aiming to do one activity per day outside. 

For hot weather, please ensure you have put suncream on your child for any outdoor play and also check what days they may require extra clothing.

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day to ensure children are well hydrated and young people can also bring their own drinks. However, we ask if these are not energy drinks or high sugar drinks and they bring them in a sealable container. 

Please ensure you have informed us of any allergies or dietary requirements.

All children will be provided with a FREE nutritious meal everyday. Please ensure we are provided with any dietary requirements and we are aware of allergies beforehand.

Young people will have access to snacks and food throughout the day, including opportunities to make and bake so please ensure we have all allergy information – without this your child may not be able to participate.

We advise if your child has any particular dietary requirements to discuss this with us or provide them with a packed lunch.

There will be a Tuck Shop onsite if your child wishes to purchase any snacks. They must take full responsibility for any money they may be carrying around. We advise them to bring this in a purse/wallet or money holder labelled with their name and this is kept in their bag.

Please do not allow children to bring large amounts of money; they will only need a small amount should they wish to purchase extra treats. We also discourage young people from sharing money or paying for other people’s treats. Please discuss with your child what they can spend their money on as staff cannot take any responsibility for this.


Young people will not be allowed to purchase large amounts of sweets as we limit this to ensure large amounts of sugary items are not consumed. Young people can buy drinks, chocolate and crisps at the tuck shop and we also have, on occasions, cakes and milkshakes for sale – again, young people will be limited to how many of each item they can buy.

Keeping your child safe is our primary objective and we expect parents and carers to support us by ensuring everyone’s safety is maintained. 

What we expect from parents and carers, 

  1. Comply and cooperate with all procedures relating to pick up and drop off. This may include procedures relating to: 
    1. Building access and exiting 
    2. Queuing to enter the building 
    3. Informing us of any changes to pick up and drop off and if your child is able to leave on their own or being collected by another adult
    4. Feedback about the program 
  2. Places will be removed from a young person should they not attend the service when they have booked on. We expect young people to attend on the days they have specified. Please only book your young person onto days which you can guarantee they will attend. Please inform us if your child is unable to attend so this place can be allocated to another.
  3. Provide accurate and updated personal information relating to their young person/persons through the  booking form and BYZ membership form. Ensuring we have up to date emergency contacts for anyone collecting/bringing or anyone responsible for your child
  4. Attend each site with as few people as possible. Preferably with only those young people who are accessing our services and the parent/carer. 
  5. Should your young person need to be collected – this may relate to reasons such as behavioural concerns/incidents, sickness/illness and or any other reason, you should attend within 30 minutes of communication. BYZ cannot take responsibility for parents/carers work, travel or any other reasons which may prove difficult for parents/carers. 
  6. All enquiries should be done via the phone, email or social media. BYZ will not speak to parents on site unless we feel there is reason to do so. 
  7. Collect young people promptly and on time every day. There may be a reason to remove a young person from our service if a parent/carer is frequently late. Please check the times for collection if you have booked your child into different sessions


*Parents and carers upon sign up are agreeing to the above conditions. 

*Disclaimer- program and access is subject to change 

All our risk assessments are available on our website, if you would like more information on what measures Blackburn Youth Zone are taking to keep your child safe you can read these here