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Welcome To The Youth Hub

Our Vision

The Blackburn with Darwen Youth Hub will support local young people between the ages of 16 and 24. Over the next 5 years, we have the Vision to change how a generation of young people across Blackburn with Darwen, prepare for the world of work.

This involves coordinating a wraparound support service for local young people that address health and wellbeing issues, pastoral support as well as work skills development. We believe that no single agency or organization can do this alone and it is through the power of collaborative partnerships, based on need, that we aim to deliver on the Vision.

Our Support Package

Empowering young people is key to service delivery.

We assess all young people accessing the service, to identify areas of support needed to develop an action plan that will enable our young people to overcome any barriers.

Improving the health and wellbeing of our young people is paramount, as having aspirations and motivation is key to success. We deliver a variety of health and wellbeing packages such as, Physical activities, colour therapy, meditation and specialist mental health support services such as counselling.

Preparing them for the world of work includes intense 1-1 support, CV writing, mock interviews, presentation techniques, breathing techniques, enterprise days, and Local business site tours. Additionally, we will register young people on job sites, support them with job searching to ensure they are capable of supporting themselves when Youth Hub staff are not available.

How can the Business Community Engage with Youth Hub?

Notifying Youth Hub of their existing vacancies to enable suitable candidate matching 

Communicate any job related skills deficiencies which Youth Hub will then use to prepare candidates prior to interview

Businesses can provide business mentors which will then be matched with suitable young people. This provides an excellent opportunity for staff development and also tangible delivery of an organization’s corporate social responsibility

Provide masterclasses in industry-specific topics, supporting their workforce of the future


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Case Studies

Admin Assistant

Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone Journey


Securing full employment seemed impossible. I had secured many placements in the past but due to funding, Time and time again my placements would be cut short. I repeatedly completed online applications, attending interviews without gaining any success. I became very frustrated with the process and believed there wasn’t any hope for my future.


It was at my next job centre appointment, when my work coach and myself discussed the support and opportunities available at Blackburn Youth Zone through the Youth Hub project.  I was then referred to BYZ for employability coaching and mentoring. This is where my Blackburn Youth Zone Journey began! I was met by one of the mentors (Cain Garvin) on the team who took their time to look at my previous skills, experience, and aspirations for the future. With regular 1-1 support, I built my confidence and skills, which in turn enabled me to be shortlisted for an interview. The interview took place over the phone, to my amazement I was offered the role and discussed start dates.


I went on to complete a 6 month administrative kickstart programme at Blackburn Youth Zone. I then continued to not only expand my knowledge and skills, but also build my Self-esttem and confidence. This great opportunity, personally developed me in so many ways as a person. BYZ’s nurturing environment enabled me to grow as a person and further my career goals. I have now secured a permanent Admin position with Blackburn Youth Zone; I have never been happier! I feel working at Blackburn Youth Zone is the destination I have been searching.

Business Development Assistant

Blackburn and Darwen Youth Zone Journey


Sinead was referred into the Youth Hub, she found herself out of work due to the Covid 19 pandemic, then was struggling to find any jobs that fit around her childcare needs.


Sinead was assigned a coaching and mentoring coordinator, this meant an assessment would be completed to better understand her needs for employment. Firstly, her coach ensured Sinead’s CV was up to date, supported her mental wellbeing needs by referring her into meditation sessions that relieved any anxieties and stress. An opportunity came up at BYZ for a Kickstart admin position that would support various projects at Blackburn Youth zone. Understanding this position would fit around her child care needs, we swiftly discussed the position and offered relevant training to support her development. A range of Mock interviews, presentation and delivery techniques enabled Sinead to secure an  interview with a member of the senior management team.


Sinead performed well in her interview and was offered the administrator role at BYZ for a 6 month Kickstart contract. Sinead performance during her 6 month period went unnoticed, leading her to secure a role as personal assistant to the CEO providing admin support to the grants manager. Sinead accepted the offer and is now a permanent member of BYZ staff and has a great future ahead within the organisation.

Are you aged 16+ and looking for support around employment, CV writing, Job searching?

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