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Dare to dream

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged: 18-24
  • Enthusiastic and motivated to learn.
  • Commitment to attend mentoring sessions and work placements.
  • Willingness to grow both personally and professionally.

What We Offer:

Valuable Work Experience: Gain hands-on experience in your field of interest. Our program offers real-world exposure to help you understand industry dynamics and boost your CV.         

One-on-One Mentoring: Receive personalised guidance from experienced professionals dedicated to nurturing your talents and helping you set achievable career goals.

Incentives and Rewards: Earn incentives for your dedication and commitment throughout the programme. £50 voucher of your choice for each week completed in a work placement. 

Skill Enhancement Workshops: Access exclusive workshops designed to enhance your skills, from communication to leadership and beyond.

Programme Duration:

12 weeks 

  • 5 weeks of pre-employment workshops    
  • 4 weeks of 16 hours a week incentivised work placement exposure. 
  • Celebration event             
  • Followed by 3 months of aftercare support.



For More Information

Phone: 01254 292000