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BYZ Drama Group performs for the first time at BYZ Supporters Lunch
Cardboard Box Company and CEO Hannah Allen
The performance was based on a World War One love story, were separated by conscription, we still feel the love shared between the Front line and the women left at home.  It was the first time the young people have ever performed in front of an audience and thoroughly enjoyed their performance coming to real life. They performed at BYZ Supporters Lunch in front of local businesses.
Thank you to Cardboard Box Company who creates a real-life set so the young people’s performance came to real life. 
“Coming to watch amelia perform for the first time in her drama group at BYZ has been amazing, through doing drama her confidence has increased and now she wants to be an actress when she is older”
– Amelia Parents 
“It made our show 100 times better” – Said Amelia Parker (Age 10)
“Thank you so much for our amazing set at Christmas, we really appreciate your hard work” – Said Lacey and Lilibelle (Age 8, 11)
“It felt so realistic and the show was great. People loved our set and props” – Ada and Grace