Young Leaders

The Young Leader Programme develops young people as individuals through focusing upon their practical skills such as leadership and teamwork ultimately shaping their futures.

Importantly, the overall aim of the programme is to develop young people as leaders in the community which by default means that the programme involves and affects more than just young people.

The Young Leaders Programme positively impacts upon the whole community by engaging young people in their community and building their understanding of local issues. It helps young people build their skills as decision makers and problem solvers.

The programme is underpinned by Blackburn Youth Zone staff who provide a supportive and encouraging environment in which young people are encouraged to make choices and learn from them, thus equipping young people to make positive decisions.

These strengths do not occur by chance. Young people build skills, acquire passions, come to an understanding and take on responsibilities for changing communities as they grow, learn and develop through the positive opportunities the Young Leaders Programme offers.

A Young Leader can be any Blackburn Youth Zone member who demonstrates the qualities of a positive role model.

For more information about the Young Leaders Programme, please contact Leigh Culverwell, Participation and Development Manager on 01254 292000 or email leigh.culverwell@blackburnyz.org