Blackburn Youth Zone Skydive

Sky Dive Graphic

15th September

Calling all daredevils…

Imagine the adrenaline rush as you sit in the doorway of the aircraft at 11,000ft, legs dangling over the edge, heart pumping through your chest as you prepare yourself for the 120mph rush down to earth.

You can make a difference!

Skydive for Blackburn Youth Zone and help us raise vital funds, so we can support young people in the Blackburn area and provide them with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to for just 50p per visit.

Your skydive will be organised through a company called Black Knights who have a wealth of experience in tandem skydives.

When you jump for Blackburn Youth Zone you’ll receive a fundraising pack with full details and ideas to help you on your way.

Book your jump today & challenge a friend to jump too – nominate them on social media!

Surely they can’t say no!

How do I sign up?

Email melanie.thomas@blackburnyz.org or call 01254 292000 to register your interest