Mini Members

A brand new club for 5 – 7 year olds with lots of fun activities for younger children to try and enjoy!

Mini Members is for 5 – 7 years olds and prepares them for Junior Club!

Offering young people the chance to meet new friends, enjoy sessional activities and have fun in a safe environment.

Young people can come down try new activities, meet new friends and most importantly have lots of fun!

With various activities to take part in each session, there is a lot to get involved in; Mini Multi Sports, Parachute Games, Sensory Games, Messy Play and Mini Movers.

Cost: 50p per session. £3 per year membership.

When: Our Mini Members is for 5 – 7 year olds and takes place every Saturday 12:30pm – 2pm

Mini Member

We now also offer …

Smart Abacus for our Mini Members

Mini Members - smart study

Abacus mental arithmetic is a skill development programme that aims in bringing out the best in every child.

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that does not involve the use of any physical or external gadgets / instru- ments such as a calculator or a computer. e calculations are solely done by human mind using mental power.

To achieve this, we use an ancient Chinese tool called the Abacus children are taught to calculate using the abacus by mapping the beads to numbers in their mind and the calculations are performed by moving the beads accordingly is a way, through continued practice, the children register the numbers as images in their right brain and eventually can perform mental mathematics at exceptional speed with- out the help of the abacus.

For more information on Smart Abacus please ring: 01254 292000

Please note,

To become a member: To join us, please click here to complete the online membership form, alternatively, please contact us on 01254 292000 for more information.