Message from a member: Respect Yourself!

“Blackburn Youth Zone’s theme for February was all about respect and since then I have been reflecting on what this means.

Respect means using good manners, taking really good care of the environment around you, obeying rules at school, respecting each other’s opinions and most importantly, respecting yourself.

I think a key aspect about respecting yourself is learning to say no. Put yourself first, avoid taking on too many things at once, if you don’t have time for certain things, learn to say no – otherwise, you may get burned out or stressed. Taking pride in your own personal appearance and health is important.

By practising these skills early, it will help you later in life, for example when you apply for your dream job!

When you attend your next Youth Zone session here are a few ways you can show respect:

  • Tidying up gym equipment after use.
  • Saying hello to new members and making them feel welcome.
  • Putting any litter in rubbish bins.
  • Speaking to members of staff and volunteers appropriately.
  • Be respectful of other member’s disabilities. Remember, we’re not all the same!

Respect comes in all shapes and sizes, for example being kind to your parents at home and helping out with chores. I know housework can be boring but a little really does go such a long way!

Thanks for reading,