Leigh Culverwell allowed us a sneak peak of her diary from a recent young person’s field trip to London… (part one)

Our Participation and Development Manager, Leigh Culverwell, allowed us a sneak peak of her diary from a recent Blackburn Youth Zone young person’s field trip to London…

Young Peoples Development Group London Visit

Dear Diary,

About two months ago, getting carried away with excitement in conversation (as we often do), myself and Ali (the Arts Co-Ordinator at Blackburn Youth Zone) came up with the idea of taking a group of young people to London to see the West End show Some Like It Hip Hop – the idea being, to inspire our young people who have a keen interest in dancing. This once talked about and distant suggestion today has become reality as we packed our bags, made best friends with google maps (directions, directions, directions!!), and made our way to Blackburn train station to jump on the train destined for…LONDON!

After nearly three hours on the train, we pulled into Euston station. I was extremely proud of our young people after being stopped by two women whilst getting off the train, who wished to tell me what a pleasure it had been to sit by the group, and how they had been so polite and well mannered. Four of our young people had never been to London before, so the sheer size of Euston station was quite a shock (as was telling them that we would be getting on the tube!).

London Town

Discussion of expectations and thoughts about London flowed over a much needed Nandos meal. It was great to see how excited everyone was about the weekend ahead. After we had our share of chicken – we lugged our cases to the underground in hope that my Google Maps skills had directed us to the right tube line! We reached St Paul’s, and walked out of the tube station to be greeted by the beautifully lit Cathedral. Click click, photo time!… We almost forgot that we were stood at the Cathedral and still needed to find our hostel…(sat nav anyone!?)…of course we could rely on development group orienteering expert, Aeman, to navigate us there!

We arrived at the hostel tired and ready for bed…(or maybe that was just me and our Volunteer Manager, Mubashar!) The young people spent a few hours on the internet, chatting and finding information out about what they would like to do the next day, then…lights out!

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Leigh’s London Diary, in which our young people visit Madame Tussauds and Leigh spots one of her heroines on the tube…!