Introducing…Volunteer Arts Worker, Mark Serventi

Meet Mark Serventi, one of our Volunteer Mentors. Mark is also the architect that designed Blackburn Youth Zone. If you see him, give him a well deserved pat on the back from us.

Mark Serventi, Volunteer Mentor

How did you find designing the Blackburn Youth Zone?

It was really interesting to work with Youth Zone members, we used the building as a vehicle to drive their engagement into the development of the exterior and interior of the Youth Zone. It was important for them to be involved in how the space will be used as they will be the ones benefiting from it.

What projects are you next working on at the Youth Zone?

Next week is the Senior Arts Club week and I’m going to be in everyday working on a big arts project with the members there. It’ll be great to work with them on a more personal level than the building design and I’m looking forward to having fun and producing some great art!