Introducing…our Participation Officer, Leigh Culverwell

Meet Leigh Culverwell, our Participation and Development Manager. Leigh has spent the last couple of years working with the Young People’s Development Group around the design and development of the Youth Zone. You’ll see her around Junior Club and Senior Club sessions, so if you’d like to be part of any new young people’s steering groups say hello.

Leigh Culverwell, Participation Officer

How have you found working at Blackburn Youth Zone?

I love working here, I was involved in the planning and development stage and worked with young people to design and develop the centre and to see it finished was amazing. I think it’s great that it was designed for young people by young people. They worked with the architects to design the building and the layout and chose all the furnishings down to the colour of the floor and fabric of the sofas.

What were you working on before Blackburn Youth Zone?

I studied business at Manchester Metropolitan University and then went to work with On Side and helped the development of the Youth Zone and of the Everybody Centre in Blackburn. I then started working full time at the Youth Zone in September 2011.

What attracted you to the Participation Officer role?

It was a great opportunity and the Youth Zone is different to anything else, it’s really creative and unique and the staff and volunteers are great to work alongside with.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment I’m working on a Young Leaders project which will aim to develop young people into leaders in a peer mentor role. I’m also setting up steering groups for the members of the Youth Zone where they can voice their opinions on different matters.

What forthcoming projects are you most excited about?

The Young Leaders projects and steering groups will be great to see, as it’s important to involve the members in decisions about the Youth Zone.

What’s been your favourite thing so far at the Youth Zone?

Seeing all the planning and work come together when the zone was finished, getting to see it grow from a demolished building to what it is today and all the hard work of the young people pay off.