Introducing…Arts Worker, Yussuf M’rabty

Meet Arts Worker, Yussuf M’rabty. Yussuf can usually be found in the Media Room helping young people to make music. If you want to have a go, Yussuf will be able to help.

Yussuf M'rabty, Arts Worker

How have you found working at the Blackburn Youth Zone?

I’m really enjoying it, it’s great for working in music production and I’m allowed a lot of creative freedom and free reign of music style when working with the kids, so we can produce any style of music. It’s very open to that.

What attracted you to the Arts Worker role here?

I really liked the concept and idea of the Youth Zone, it has great facilites that everyone can use and enjoy. I was really attracted to working in different fields of music and mixing styles, not just sticking to one disipline, and working with young people to develop their creative skills.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working with a group of senior rappers and musicians at the moment producing and creating their own music. It’s great to see so much talent and skill in young people.

What forthcoming Blackburn Youth Zone projects are you excited about?

Senior Arts Club will be great, I’ll be working with the seniors to produce a music video for a song they’ve written about Blackburn, they’ve developed the lyrics and instrumental themselves and it’s great to see a project like this develop from the early stages to the finished video.