A Level Playing Field at Blackburn Youth Zone

The ambition for A Level Playing Field is to see more disabled young people taking part in Blackburn Youth Zone’s regular day-to-day activities, which include dance, climbing, media and music, football, fitness suite, archery, creative activities, trips and events.

A Level Playing Field will also see the development of CADS (Children’s Able & Disabled Sport) events operating during school holidays. All activities provided at a CADS event are suitable for both able and disabled young people.

A Level Playing Field enables Blackburn Youth Zone to focus on delivering the best service for young people with disabilities. We are committed to ensuring that we do more to support and meet the needs of our young people with disabilities to encourage participation, enjoyment and achievement within our Youth Zone.


  • What is ‘A Level Playing Field’?

A Level Playing Field is a unique partnership project between OnSide, Blackburn Youth Zone and Seashell Trust, which aims to support 200 disabled young people, aged 8-25 year olds to participate regularly in an inclusive sports and creative activities programme alongside their able-bodied peers.

During school holidays, A Level Playing Field will replicate Seashell Trust’s award winning sports programme CADS (Children’s Able & Disabled Sport). The Seashell Trust’s CADS programme is renowned for offering a series of unique sport, health and leisure activities that are suitable for both able and disabled young people. All activities can be accessed by all young people no matter what their ability or disability, and one to one support can be provided for those with more complex needs.

This has all been made possible via funding from the Big Lottery and St James’s Place Foundation.

How will your child / young person benefit from A Level Playing Field?

A Level Playing Field aims to see families of children and young people with disabilities flourish, as they increase their levels of independence, raise their aspirations and experience improved physical and mental well-being. The aim is to enable disabled young people enjoy the same opportunities as their peers.

An annual quality assured training programme is delivered to key staff and volunteers at Blackburn Youth Zone to provide them with the necessary skills to support young people with additional needs and disabilities. As a result of delivering this training programme there will be an increase in the amount of volunteers helping to deliver the inclusive programmes. Blackburn Youth Zone’s facilities are fully accessible to all young people with a disability.